ZENWΛ: Means Clear Mind

Kabbalarian Philosophy is to appreciate the finer things in Life.

     Using this authentic, traditionally hand-made fabric, ZENWΛ is bringing back the valuable Indonesian culture and making it accessible for us. Making this fabric is a sacred process of 13 steps. This process ensures that the fabric is at its highest quality.

These machines are considered to be antiques, yet are important for the Indonesian culture and for the authentic fabric making. We ensure the traditional values and art forms are kept alive.

    The clothing line embodies the zeal of pursuing undiscovered paths and finding beauty in everything around you. ZENWΛ is not a destination, but a journey alive with new experiences in fashion, travel and culture. The culture of ZENWΛ encourages people to enlighten themselves with travel, to live by greeting strangers as friends, and to embrace different cultures as opportunities for growth. ZENWΛ is a fusion of Eastern and Western culture; a curious and open mentality that is conducive to material pleasure and a spiritual state of mind.


Our Mission Statement is to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone, In Comfort.