Story Behind ZENWΛ

We are guided by a philosophy of altruism and beauty. You can call it a dream, because its vision inspires us and affects us in very personal ways. It has led us to create this unique company with very unique clothing.

Discovery, humanity and culture are ZENWΛ’s pillars.

A thoughtful fusion of Eastern and Western cultures translates into beautiful textile motifs.Every product is entirely handwoven in Bali through a sacred 13 process. This ensures the highest quality using zero carbon emission.

The energy of the clothing line reflects our belief that beauty is diversity; and that enlightenment is attained only by infusing the exotic into our worldview. This belief we hold deeply in our heart, and it is our driving force. Clothes are the first expressions that we share as part of the human experience. How we adorn ourselves can build bridges of commonality. Before greeting, before any words are expressed, it is the outfit that announces the person, and sets the stage for human engagement. It is this sublime moment that has captivated our imagination and ambitions. Through the culture of clothing, there is a way to connect to our shared humanity by uplifting spirits and encouraging an adventurous lifestyle.



  "We truly want to inspire people to understand each other, to be unified with love and respect for each other, and to live as different parts of the same humanity."

        It is our privilege to share and attract energy with you.